Rig Partner Group is dedicated to providing top-quality services to its clients in the oil and gas industry.

With our team of experienced professionals, we are well-equipped to deliver a wide range of services, including the ones below. If you are interested in learning more about the services provided by Rig Partner Group, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With a team of highly qualified personnel Rig Partner offers a one stop solution for Rig Intake services. Rig Partner can assist in every step of the process from tender evaluation to final acceptance testing and follow up in operations. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and cost-efficient rig intake process
Our company provides comprehensive and reliable Rig Surveys, Inspections, and Audits services to support the safe and efficient operations of your drilling rig.
We offer expert guidance and support for all of your marine operations. Our team has the expertise to lead, plan, and execute your projects with precision and efficiency.
Our services within studies and analysis focus on a variety of areas related to the oil and gas industry, such as well control, marine operations, and risk management.
Our goal is to provide our customers with a one-stop solution for knowledge and expertise, to add value to their business through expert advice and guidance. With our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, we are well positioned to support our customers in achieving their goals.
We offer a range of project management services to the offshore industry. Our team of professionals has experience in the industry and is dedicated to helping our clients meet their project goals.
Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible support to ensure the success of their operations.
We offer a full range of decommissioning services, from planning to execution. Built on our experience with recycling and decommissioning, Rig Partner Decom offers to manage every leg of your vessel’s last voyage. We can ensure the highest standards of quality and safety throughout the entire decommissioning process, providing you with peace of mind.
Green Partner is an independent engineering and consulting company delivering engineers and project management personnel, marine operations and logistics services to support renewable energy.